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Brotherly Love Is Forever But Sometimes It Smells by CieCheesemeister Brotherly Love Is Forever But Sometimes It Smells by CieCheesemeister
It is rare to find someone with whom you truly resonate. Angus and Malcolm Young are not only brothers by DNA, they are platonic soul mates. The bond they have is forever.
And sometimes it's a little bit silly.
Kami ( does these fun Chibi artworks for only $5 per character. So I had her do this to make me smile a little because I'd been feeling pretty horrible.
Angus has said regarding Malcolm's dementia that "he isn't in there any more." When I read that it really took something out of me. I've loved these guys since I was 12 years old.
Malcolm really resonated with me because he was shy and depressive, like I am, and also because he had this attitude of disliking crappy behavior. When I found out about him, I knew that on this earth there was a person who supported people like me and not like the people who were bullying me. Unless you've ever been on the receiving end of really brutal bullying, you have no idea what something like this means.
I have certain spiritual beliefs although I'm not religious. I believe the personality survives the death of the body, and this would mean also the death of the brain. Another thing I've resonated with these guys on is the fact that they seem to hold similar beliefs to mine. They always contended that Bon Scott was still with them after his passing from the world.
I believe that what Angus says about Malcolm is literally true. He is no longer in his body because it is no longer able to do what he needs it to. He was always extremely smart. One of the reasons that AC/DC's sound was so distinct was because of his proclivity for taking guitars apart and rearranging components until he found the right sound. It made me chuckle when I read that the guitar he used on the Highway to Hell album had socks stuffed into the body to prevent feedback. He was a really unique character, and what happened to his mind is a great loss to the world.
Dementia sucks ass, and finding a cure for the various horrors that cause it is critical.
My father would have been 79 years old today if he had not been brought down by vascular disease, including vascular dementia and congestive heart failure four and a half years ago. His fight went on for six years following a major stroke.
My aunt has either Lewy Body Dementia or Alzheimer's.
The soul cannot be destroyed by cognitive deterioration or death. But nobody should have to suffer the way those stricken with dementia suffer, and no-one should have to suffer the way those watching them deteriorate suffer.
Still, in the end, these shitty diseases don't win, because we are not our bodies. Love triumphs over all things. The real life bond depicted in the cute cartoon is forever.
DannyDrawings7894 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015
Oh GOD I hope they never look like that.
ChaseAvano Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Funny! Great Artwork!
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